Call Name - Pino

Giuseppe Reznulli, call name "Pino," is an Italian from Venezuela.  Before coming to the United States five years ago, Pino handled dogs in Venezeula for twenty years.  In addition to handling Raiden, Pino handles Rottweilers, German Shepards, Rhodesion Ridgebacks, Golden Retreivers, Labradors, Pugs, Papillions, Chinese Crested and the list goes on.  Pino now calls Miami his home and he is married to Wilma, with a young son - Johnny.  Pino travels all over the country showing dogs with Wilma and Johnny. 

Besides his good looks, Pino is an expert in handling and presenting his charges.  He is especially good with those "hard to handle" pooches, bringing out the best in them.  Pino has shown twice at Westminster, in 2005 with a Labrador - Madeline and in 2006 with Raiden and a Chinese Crested - MaHau.  Pino can be reached on his cell phone 786-402-7683 - Just tell him Mike sent you.